Meeting with Jonny Baker : Fashion Photographer

I met Jonny Baker, some weeks before the Paris Fashion Week FW20/21. He made me travel throughout our interview, his passion for photography, his travels, his inspiration... everything is here.

Who are you ?

I’m a British photographer who has developed my reportage style in Fashion and Editorial Photography.

I was born in Manchester, England and graduated from Salford University with a BA Hons, Fashion in 1995. My time is spent between London and Tel Aviv. I had become an accredited fashion week photographer and each season is commissioned by designers such as Malene Oddershede Bach, Rahul Mishra and Guy Laroche to photograph backstage and front-of-house in London and Paris.

I was appointed as a Getty Images photographer in early 2019 too.

Where are you based ?

London and Tel Aviv.

Why did you want to be a fashion photographer ?

Fabric, colour, texture, light and style have long been part of my DNA, the ability to capture the essence of Fashion through a camera lens started me on a journey to becoming a professional photographer.

Where do you get your inspiration from ?

Bill Cunningham the great American fashion photographer provided me with much inspiration to photograph fashion in a documentary style with fluidity in perspective and to focus on the people wearing the clothes as much as the clothes themselves !

Would you say you have a mentor ?

My kids are my true mentors, they keep me grounded but at the same time maintain the free spirit of life.

Can you describe the perfect fashion picture according to you ?

The perfect fashion shot encompasses both the model and the outfit in the frame reflecting an aspirational tone to the reader, “I want to buy that dress, jacket or pair of jeans...” because the image I am looking at is speaking to my heart and soul.

What is your strength in the fashion field ?

My strength as a fashion photographer is that I understand the subject matter which I work in. I studied fashion at Salford University, I’ve been in and around fashion all my life coming from a textile family. For the past five seasons I’ve photographed the major European fashion weeks backstage and front-of-house, the premier trends of haute couture which then carry over to ready- to-wear collections, I carry this through in my photography for clients.

How would you describe your work ?

My work is purist in the sense that I keep my photography real, less contrived, minimum retouching in post edit and more excellence in quality delivered from me and my cameras.

How would you describe your style ?

My signature style is reportage based, capturing a single moment in time where the model coveys their beauty, magnetism and style. I shoot full frame Canon, utilising the atmosphere of ambient light over artificial light.

Which country do you like the most ?

Italy, it never ever disappoints.

What do you like the most in Israel ? In England ?

Israel has incredible food, the sun shines 300 days a year and everything and everyone has a sprinkle of enthusiastic spice. England is where I was born, where my love for the arts, fashion and individuality was developed. My photography reflects my British individuality.

Where can we find your works ?

My work can be found simply by a Google search, on my website :

Three words to define your passion for photography ?

Eclectic, Alive, Beauty.

What’s your extra thing ?


Victoria Cellun