Discover the Birthstone of August: The peridot

Each month corresponds to a gemstone, a lucky-charm, that influences the destiny of each, it is said in lithotherapy. This alternative medicine assumes that gems could cure certain pathologies thanks to the natural resonance emitted by these stones.

Culture and Belief

The peridot is a colored gemstone of greenish yellow, coming from the mineral olivine. Its green color emanates from its chemical composition, full of iron and magnesium. It is formed in the heart of the Earth’s core, in extreme conditions, and found in hardened lava but also in fragments of meteorites, having traveled from space. This stone, known and extracted for more than 5000 years, was particularly appreciated by kings in medieval times, but especially by the last Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Peridot has often been confused with the emerald, and legend says that Cleopatra’s emerald collection was actually made up of 200 carats of peridots. The peridot embodies the symbol of sun and is associated with the light due to its color, especially when set with gold.

Where to find?

At its origin, peridot was extracted from the tropical Topazios island, renamed St-John island, located in the Red Sea, off the coast of Egypt. Today it is extracted from a multiple sources worldwide including Burma, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam and the United

States. In Hawaii, peridot fragments cover the sand earning the name ‘Peridot Beach’. It offers impressive and lavish green sand landscapes. In the Hawaiian culture, peridot represents the Goddess Pélé’s tears, who embodied fire, thunder, dance and volcanoes.

Peridot Beach, Hawaii

The Untold Virtues and Properties of Peridot

Peridot has many powers. Indeed, it plays on the mind of the one who wears it, in order to improve self-confidence, leaving room for a strong mind, whilst reducing stress and feelings of guilt.

On a mystical level, it has been said the stone cures many evils such as jealousy, rancour and even nervousness. It has the power to dispel the darkness of the heart, while bringing fortune and great happiness to its owner. Peridot would also be responsible for the success of weddings and relationships in general, and would repel evil spirits. For magic to work, this gem is worn on the wrist, or placed on gold.

On a physical level, peridot offers many benefits. Its chemical properties have the ability to beautify the skin, by accessing the chakra of the heart and solar plexus, where there is vital energy, in order to release toxins from the body. This allows the body to regain its tone and vitality. When a peridot is placed on a painful belly, this stone is able to regulate the intestines, the liver and contributes to a better blood circulation. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to wear a peridot piece of jewelry daily, it must be preserved from possible shocks and scratches, and wash it with a soft brush, with warm water, using a soap with neutral ph.

Peridot is known to act on the body and mind of its acquirer, by lavishing its benefits, widely recognized in lithotherapy, and throughout its history has had the merit of being shared in order to perpetuate its mystical attributes.

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Victoria Cellun