4 Original Gift Ideas to Shop for Christmas

Only six days left before Christmas, and many people still have to run to find the perfect gift ideas. I know what you are thinking about: “Every year it’s the same nightmare, what should I offer to my wife, father, sister…”. No panic, we are listing here four original Christmas gifts that you have never bought before, and that will make the difference.

A marvelous jewel from VITALE 1913

VITALE 1913 is a high-end jewelry brand located in the jewel of the French Riviera, Monte Carlo. CEO Alberto Vitale takes over the family business in 2008 while giving it a fresh vision and a new dimension. The company is specialized in making high-end and bespoke jewelry and has a strong knowledge of diamond investments. Moreover, when it comes to entering the magnificent world of VITALE 1913, you will discover how important it is for the brand to be committed to the Environment fight. They dedicated a full collection called Ocean Treasures to help in preserving our beautiful Mediterranean Sea. For each sale made, a percentage of the Ocean Treasures Collection is donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

But let’s talk about their sumptuous creations. While entering VITALE 1913’s showroom, you will discover a dazzling environment! Diamonds and sophistication are keywords and will whisk you away to a glamorous world. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a timeless and elegant flower ring decorated with a dapper sapphire in the center. So Chic! Who never wanted to feel like Princess Lady Di? All you have to do is make your choice! Visit the E-Boutique and request your access to browse online.

Boxes of refined and creative chocolates made by Tofino Creations

The story behind Tofino Creations is definitively my favorite. Two engineers met a few years ago and decided to leave everything to give birth to their dream of making fine and fair chocolate in 2019. As a matter of fact, Romain Viaud and Pierre Angot dream big and work hard. It is no accident they are encouraged by the greatest pastry and cuisine chefs to develop their fine chocolate brand. Pierre and Romain smartly use their technical skills and their expertise to propose the most creative and fascinating chocolates. They already collaborated with prestigious Maisons such as Hermès for who they recreated a chocolate bar imitating the famous crocodile leather that Hermès uses to make their mythical Birkin bag. The result is very impressive!

Tofino is now developing its own products and wants to share its values through an exquisite chocolate experience. Traveler and adventurer in the soul, Pierre and Romain went to meet planters in Cameroon and Vietnam to find very high-quality cocoa beans and are known to be committed chocolate makers. Always in an environmentally friendly approach, they designed an eco-friendly packaging made of gold-plated metal to maintain chocolate in optimal conditions. The combinations they are offering are very different from what you could have already tasted. They are infusing exclusive ingredients such as the Timur berry from Nepal or Hibiscus from Egypt directly into the chocolate to exceed their clients' expectations and make the magic happens. Discover more on their website and buy online your latest Christmas gift.

An ultimate experience with Caviar Ultreïa

Food lovers, here we are! The Christmas parties are the perfect time to celebrate with your friends and family and enjoy good food while keeping your distance from others because of Covid-19 requirements. Thankfully, Caviar Ultreïa, located in Paris Vendome, will let you enjoy the unique flavors of Caviar and immerse you in the world of luxury gastronomy. For those who never tried Caviar before, here is an excellent opportunity for you since Caviar Ultreïa is giving a unique discount of 25% off on all caviar coffret with the code EKIVO2020.

So let’s discover Caviar Ultreïa deeply. Caviar Ultreïa is an avant-garde brand and pioneer in the heritage world of caviar. Thanks to its carefully quality selected products, timeless packaging, and meticulous design, Caviar Ultreïa has established itself as a reference and innovative concept. The name Ultreïa meaning beyond in Latin, follows the promise of this luxury brand, making you travel, and make you go beyond your desires. So do not wait any longer and share a friendly moment with your loved ones. Discover online the whole selection.

Eden by Ty

I’m sure you all dream of traveling again and the white sandy beaches of St-Barths are highly coveted for the Christmas break. Eden by Ty is a brand-new cosmetic company that has just been born in St-Barths. We all love to stay hours under the sun, but we also know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun’s skin-damaging rays.

Eden By Ty is an organic and natural brand made in St-Barths that is part of an environmentally safe universe where beauty, elegance, and exoticism are at the heart of preoccupations. Beauty and skin protection are keywords of this beautiful treatment line using medicinal and tropical plants whose effectiveness is no longer to be proven. Aloe vera is used forever to fight against skin aging and its soothing virtues, or sugar cane, known for its moisturizing property and very high antioxidant power.

Eden By Ty’s commitment goes beyond protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun but also protects oceans, corals, fauna, flora, animals, and life in general thanks to its «Ocean Friendly» label. They also thought of an eco-friendly design for their bottle made of recyclable plastic or glass, topped with a natural wood cap, which makes them beautiful and elegant objects. Visit their website and find your perfect travel companion.

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stay safe.